Chihayafuru movie Part I Spoilers

In this page, we explain the synopsis and spoilers for the movie “Chihayafuru”.

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  1. Public information Chihayafuru
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  3. Details, including spoilers

Public information Chihayafuru


Film adaptation work of the same name of the popular cartoon “Chihayafuru”

Are many enthusiastic fans to the original. Famous Suzu Hirose in Japan plays a leading role.


Check Synopsis

Ayase Chihaya (Suzu Hirose) is a high school girl get into a game karuta. Busy trying to gather the members of the total of five people for the creation of a competitive karutat team, childhood friend of Taichi Mashima et al aligned.
(The Karuta:Japanese card game. Game to compete either take early cards were arranged on the floor.)

Youth story depicting the appearance of the high school students devote to competitive karuta.

Details, including spoilers

Main characters

Ayase Chihaya
School girls to be enthusiastic about the competition Karuta (Suzu Hirose)

Shin Wataya
Childhood friend in a competitive karuta master of the grandson of Chihaya (Sinken Yuu)

Members of Chihaya et al competitive karuta unit that use a vacation in camp, show enthusiasm of athletic just like for the sake of competitive karuta.
Before long, it will be overwhelmed by the strength of the rival Hokuo school in it.

Tansawa high school competitive karuta part is stacked further practice with the goal of capital champion.

And celebrates the city tournament of fate, but Tansawa high school showed a big success while overturned early in the unfavorable war situation, we hit the powerhouse schools Hokuo school.



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